Disney With Lauren
I am moving to a different Tumblr.

Before I explain why I’m moving here is the link to my new tumblr: http://thelittlelo.tumblr.com/

Alright now for an explantation.

I started this tumblr over 2 years ago with the intention of it being a blog to accompany my new Youtube channel. I had started making videos about Disneyland, and the “Trip Tip” videos would have blog posts linked to them further explaining my tips. That lasted all of 2 weeks and I switched gears to just an all around “Disney” blog.

As time has passed this tumblr has moved further and further away from   “Just” a Disney blog, and more into just being my personal one.

I know I could just switch gears on this tumblr and stick it out here… but I like the idea of a fresh start.

Allright, this is already a wall of text. if you have questions just message me :D


Tribute to the unbelievably beautiful and understated, Princess Aurora! The artwork from the first gif is by Jenny Chung!


The Princesses and their concepts. 




Disney Parks: Disney Princess:)

Oh, thanks for fixing!

I love this!